Laura Amethyst Earrings - Sterling Silver


The Laura Earrings with Ameythst are a beautiful light weight earring. Amethyst brings peace, calming you throughout your day and a restful sleep at night. And these gorgeous crystals are a lovely addition to any outfit to bring a bohemian feel.

These handmade intricate Earrings measure approximately 4cm and 1.5cm wide at their largest point and are created with Sterling Silver 925. They are able to be worn daily, even in water.

  • Handmade Bohemian Earrings
  • Light weight
  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Waterproof
  • Gemstone / Crystal
  • Amethyst

Let these bohemian style Earrings balance your energy as you go about your day!

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Shipping & Returns

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About Amethyst

Amethyst, with its captivating purple hues, is celebrated for its soothing and purifying properties. This gemstone, ranging from deep violet to soft lavender, symbolises peace, cleansing, and spiritual growth. It is highly regarded for its ability to calm the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state.

  • Stress Relief: Offers relaxation and tranquility, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Spiritual Awareness: Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, fostering a deeper connection to the metaphysical.
  • Protection: Shields against negative energies and enhances personal environments with a protective barrier.
  • Sobriety: Historically linked with sobriety, aiding in overcoming addictive behaviors and thought patterns.

Amethyst jewellery not only brings a touch of elegance to any ensemble but also serves as a constant source of positive energy, encouraging emotional balance and inner peace. Its presence is a reminder of tranquility and clarity in our fast-paced world.